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Win-Sto.ru created a semantic autocatalog

Win-Sto.ru created a semantic autocatalog.


Win-Sto.ru | Vincodrf.ru, a platform for aftermarket car services and spare parts stores, taught the neural network to understand customer requests and created a semantic car catalog MasterMAX.


This is what the developers called the cyber expert. The algorithm operates in the mode of streaming correspondence, finds OE-numbers and records clients on the service station.

Thanks to Machine Learning technologies, the chatbot parses a complex phrase into significant elements, selects a list of works and popular spare parts from it, and identifies the car by VIN or parameters. At the output, the client receives a ready-made list of OE-numbers, or parameterized works for the car service.


MasterMAX integrates with external sites and social networks as a turnkey solution for the automation of client communications. The chatbot works in 3 modes: spare parts expert, assistant to the call center operator, electronic master consultant of the service station. In contrast to the known service chat-bots, MasterMAX conducts a natural dialogue, not drives the user into the rigid framework of menus and clicks.


Now MasterMAX learning to listen and speak. In the future, the developers plan to connect it to incoming calls and reminders for customers about car service recommendations. In times of crisis, interactive voice response telecom applications came into vogue. However, if the client asks an additional question during the conversation, the robot becomes stupefied. On the contrary MasterMAX will be able to hold a conversation on the professional level.


So, soon the famous virtual assistant Siri will have a cyber friend. And any car owner can say: «MasterMAX, let’s find parts and sign me up for a car repair».


We invite manufacturers of automotive components for technological cooperation and joint development of semantic search technology.

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